just getting started

Vern Paxson vern at ee.lbl.gov
Thu Nov 12 13:53:09 PST 1998

> Where would I find a list of all of the "events" or public functions
> which I could use in the scripting language?

These are listed in pub-policy/bro.init (I know, not at all intuitive).
The next release will have a poiner to that file, and it will be thoroughly
commented to explain each event.

> Given that I had a list of "events", what are the variables associated
> with each event that I can access from a script?

Defined in the same place.  bro.init lists the type signatures of each
event, i.e. the function parameter names and types.

> Are there any more scripts available?

Just those in pub-policy.

> I've read the paper so I apologize if these are answered in it (I didn't
> see them).

They're not; and in any case, I encourage questions, please ask as they arise.


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