configuration issues

Craig Leres leres at
Sun Jan 10 18:23:57 PST 1999

> Our current installation of Bro on Solaris 2.6 only logs to the bro.log
> file.  Other log files such as ftp.log are created but not written to 
> even when events should have been logged.  While troubleshooting this, we  
> reviewed the attached config.log file and discovered a couple of errors
> that could be the cause of our problem:  
> - Line 43, there are declaration conflicts for openlog, syslog and
> closelog
> - Line 65-70, contains several type conflicts
> - Line 87, contains a declaration conflict for gettimeofday
> - Line 101, there is an undefined symbol gethostbyname
> - Line 135, there is an undefined symbol socket
> - Line 169, the str library is not found -- where can we download this
> library?

(config.log is the autoconf log; the "errors" in it are a normal part
the process that allows the configure script to determine which
features are available on your particular OS type and version.)


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