net specification in bro

Antonella Giani giani at
Fri Nov 17 01:18:18 PST 2000

> Yes, sorry about that.  This isn't fixed for 0.7, either
> [...]
> The general solution requires adding CIDR prefixes to Bro, which is
> tricky because they have to work efficiently when used as table/set
> indices.

We are planning to fix it, because we are quite interested in Bro and we
are going to use it a lot. I'll post any result to this list, so if you are 
interested you can consider including it into future versions.

> > In addition, I'd like to know whether bro developers have planned  
> > to extend bro language with a type 'interval of IP addresses'.
> I hadn't considered this - do you need something different from what you 
> could achieve if Bro supported /n prefixes?

Yes, I mean something more general: a way to specify IP ranges that cannot
be specified through net masks such as /n, e.g.


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