internal error: bad reference count

Ashley Thomas athomas at
Fri Dec 28 22:54:20 PST 2001


I am using bro 0.7a48 version on openBSD 2.9.
(I have made some changes to it.)

I am getting an internal error while running bro on a specific case.
Any pointers on when does an 'internal error' occur ?
If anyone one could give some pointers/ideas as to what might be the type
of error that would be helpful.

this is what gdb 'where' returned:

internal error: bad reference count

Program received signal SIGABRT, Aborted.
0x401716ff in _thread_sys_kill ()
(gdb) where
#0  0x401716ff in _thread_sys_kill ()
#1  0x4019d680 in abort ()
#2  0x167a7 in internal_error (fmt=0x1672a "%s",
    arg=0x5bc9c "bad reference count") at
#3  0x16746 in internal_error (msg=0x5bc9c "bad reference count")
#4  0x5bcc3 in bad_ref () at
#5  0x3e574 in Frame::Release (this=0x4355e0) at Obj.h:93
#6  0x3e536 in Frame::~Frame (this=0x4355e0, __in_chrg=3) at
#7  0x3faba in BroFunc::Call (this=0x18f480, args=0x42f740) at Obj.h:94
#8  0x2986a in EventMgr::Dispatch (this=0xbf43c) at Event.h:38
#9  0x298b9 in EventMgr::Drain (this=0xbf43c) at
#10 0x59cc6 in dispatch_next_packet () at
#11 0x5a21d in net_run () at
#12 0x33c1 in main (argc=6, argv=0xdfbfd82c) at

This happened when it received a http packet.

thanks a lot

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