bro: fragmentation-reassembly timeout impl.

Ashley Thomas athomas at
Sun Apr 14 18:55:00 PDT 2002


As suggested by Vern, I have added a user controllable timeout for the
fragmentation reassembly part of Bro. I hope this will be useful.

While adding this feature, I have modified the following files:

I have attached the above files and their *diff* with the original
files (from version bro-pub-0.7a90)

All the files are attached a gzipped tar file.

The original version keeps the fragments in memory till it gets
fully reassembled (without a timeout). Therefore i tried the following
attack on it; ie.sent a large number of ip-fragments (without completing
the full datagram). It was seen that the memory consumed by bro increased
consistently till the machine crashed.

After the timer has been added, I have verified that it works the expected
way for fully reassembl-able fragments (nothing broken !) as well as it
removes the not re-assembled fragments after a user controlled timeout.

The implementaion has been done very much similar to how it has been done
for the tcp connection.
A timer (user defined) is started (in FragReassembler constructor) when it
gets a fragment for a new set < src ip, dst ip, ID, protocol > and if the
reassembly is not complete within the user specified timeout, the
resources allotted for this set is destroyed.

I have done testing of the same. Hope this is helpful.Please let me know
if there is any problems/modifications needed.


On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Vern Paxson wrote:

> > How long does Bro keep ip-fragments ?
> Forever.
> This isn't great - clearly there should be a user-controllable timeout.
> However, if you set the timeout too low, then you become vulnerable to an
> evasion attack.  It's not clear what's a safe timeout value (some stacks
> might use a fixed-size buffer, say, and ignore implementing a timer at
> all).  A project I'm working on with a student (Umesh Shankar) may wind
> up assessing this further.
> If someone wants to add a user-controllable timeout, that would be great.
> 		Vern

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