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shi wu wushi at
Thu Aug 22 23:22:55 PDT 2002

yes, I am interested in another alpha snapshot, I
think bro is perfect.pls upload it.
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> > change: (DFA.h line 123)
> > friend DFA_State; // for DFA_State::ComputeXtion
> > To:
> > friend class DFA_State; // for
> Thanks.  (This has actually already been fixed for
the next release.)
> > Also, how active is development?  Looking at the
file dates
> > it seems like nothing has changes since last Sept.
> Development is quite active.  I've been debating
whether to put together
> another alpha snapshot, or wait until I flesh out
the remaining parts of
> the manual and then put out a beta release (one that
would be publicly
> available off of the Web).  If folks are
particularly interested in another
> alpha snapshot (a lot has been added, but it would
only be briefly described
> in the CHANGES file), I'd be interested in hearing
> Vern

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