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Vern Paxson vern at icir.org
Fri Dec 27 23:46:57 PST 2002

> 	PQueue(SteppingStoneEndpoint)& OrderedEndpoints()//£¿£¿£¿
>                                      ~~~What does this mean? I can not find 
> it in 
>                                         standard C++.

"PQueue(SteppingStoneEndpoint)" is actually a macro definition (defined
in Queue.h) that refers to an instantiation of a generic type.  In
particular, it's definiing a pointer to a Queue, for which the elements
of the queue are SteppingStoneEndpoint objects.

If I had started writing Bro recently rather than quite a few years ago,
I would have used templates instead.

So "PQueue(SteppingStoneEndpoint)&" is a reference to such a pointer.


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