Question about installing bro

Wei Li wl12 at Ra.MsState.Edu
Fri Feb 22 14:28:35 PST 2002

Same problem comes again... It's because of the library functions time.h is
using. You can either change the line

#include <sys/time.h>

in to

#include <time.h>

or add this line directly. Then everything is done.

Good luck,
-Wei Li

> [root at jqxin bro-pub-0.7a90]# make
> c++ -I. -O -Ilinux-include -c
> In function `void do_fmt (const char *&, Val
> *, ODesc *)':
> `localtime' undeclared (first use this
> function)
> (Each undeclared identifier is reported
> only once for each
> function it appears in.)
> `strftime' undeclared (first use this
> function)
> make: *** [Func.o] Error 1

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