Definition of intrusion detection

Juslin Jukka Jukka.Juslin at
Thu Jul 25 00:30:39 PDT 2002

Dear all,

Since bro is one of the intrusion detection systems, I decided to
ask that is there a commonly accepted definition of what an 
intrusion detection system is?

Obviously intrusion detection covers detecting backdoors, which are
accessed with ssh for example. But then, some "intrusion detection"
systems have things like "porn filters" looking for traffic *to* porn
sites etc and I am not sure if this is intrusion detection anymore.

Moving away from a simple backdoor detection for example, I think
intrusion detection becomes more of a political activity. It would
be nice to have a definition what intrusion detection really includes
and what not, because now many people seem to be having own definitions
for intrusion detection and IDS.


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