Few questions...

Vern Paxson vern at icir.org
Thu Jul 25 16:03:37 PDT 2002

> I could not find any bro mailing list archive.

(it's available as a single flat file [:-(] by sending "get bro archive"
 in the body of a message mailed to majordomo at lbl.gov)

> Does bro detects illegal TCP acknowledgements and 
> retransmissions which i could not see using ordinary 
> dump utility?

Depends what you mean by "illegal".  It detects acknowledgments above
sequence holes, and inconsistent TCP retransmission.  Unfortunately, when
looking at a large volume of traffic, these show up due to various things
being broken (as mentioned in the Bro paper), so their presence isn't
a useful indicator of an attack.


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