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To be honest, I didn't understand the question.

Generally, I just lurk, keeping tabs on bro to see when and if it will
become a viable option for commercial implementation at a large institution
like the Royal Bank (as snort has become).

It's not that no one cares, it's just that no one else's problems are as
important as one's own.

If bro is frustrating you, take a look at snort, Dragon, NetRanger and ISS
RealSecure (in that order).

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> It's because nobody in the bro mailing list answered. My guess is that
> just you and I are the only ones subscribed to the bro mailing list...

There are 205 people subscribed to the list.

The original poster didn't give enough context to understand just what
they were asking (at least for me).  Questions generally get answered
(sometimes it takes a while), or are retracted (which happened recently
when the poster subsequently solved their own problem).

The only pending thread on the list of which I'm aware is that from the
messages sent a couple of weeks ago by Ashley Thomas (regarding
reassembly).  I mean to reply to those, but it will take me a while to
find the cycles to do so, due to day job crunches.


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