some puzzles about the usage of bro

李 文嘉 liwenjia2002 at
Fri May 17 18:55:17 PDT 2002

Dear Mr. Paxson:

I am a undergraduate student in China.When I try to use bro I have met some 
puzzles and I wish I could get help from you.

First of all if bro detect intrusion activity,what will it do?Write this 
intrusion activity to log or print real-time notification in the screen.

Secondly I have run bro many times in the LAN of my lab.But it did not have 
any response.So I am not sure if it is working.By th way,where does the 
bro's intrusion log file locate in linux?

Thirdly would you please give me a list of which type of intrusion can bro 
detect and the corresponding intrusion signature of each intrusion activity 
bro can detect?

Thank you very much for your kind guide and help.

                                       Yours Sincerely

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