some puzzles about the usage of bro and thank you

Ashley Thomas athomas at
Fri May 17 20:08:54 PDT 2002

./bro -i eth0 mt

where mt is the starting script..
...have a look into the bro user manual.

This should work.

-ashley thomas

On Sat, 18 May 2002, [gb2312] Àî ÎļΠwrote:

> Hi,thank you very much for your reply.In general how do you use bro,i mean
> that what do you usually strike in your keyboard when yo want to run it?I
> have tried"./bro -i eth0"
> and "./bro" but it seemed taht they have NOT done any work.By the way I can
> NOT see the "Listening to eth0" message.When I strike in "./bro -i eth0" or
> "./bro",the system seems to be waiting and it does not have any response.So
> I am very puzzled.I wish you could help me.Thank you.
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