Pattern matching vs Regular expression

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For what it's worth, ISS RealSecure purchased NetworkICE for the sole reason
of getting their hands on multiple pattern matching and heuristic tree
pruning with regards to where to look.

So ISS RealSecure v6.5 now doesn't search the whole packet for long strings
of "%20" for example, or "/././././cgi-bin/*.phf" Instead it looks soleley
in the packet payload.

By the same token, it won't look for solitary FIN packets out of sequence in
the packet payload, either.

These were both features of NetworkICE - and are part of the improved
capability derived from Network Associates Sniffer Pro (the authors of
Sniffer Pro went on to form NetworkICE after selling out).

The advances that both Snort and NetworkICE bring to the table include not
only searching in multiple parts of the packet simultaneously and
intelligently matching different vulnerabilities against the parts of the
packet that they can be found, but also a re-written packet driver that
pulls packets in promiscuous mode at much higher speed than the OSes can.


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hi, dear  all, 

I have just read some source code, and found In snort, an implementation of
a Aho-Corasick like Boyer-Moore Style Searching Algorthim has given, it
allows multiple patterns to be searched for in a packet at the same time.and
the snort content rules are placed in a Aho-Corasick like keyword search
tree that overlaps similar prefixes.  

best regards

Li hongpei

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> how about the multi-pattern matching algorithms?

Yes, that's what I'm referring to.





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