new mailing list for Bro developers

Vern Paxson vern at
Wed Oct 2 10:23:58 PDT 2002

There's now a new mailing list, bro-devel at, for announcements of
new "current" Bro release snapshots, and for discussing Bro development
and portability issues.  If you want to sub-scribe to it, send email to
majordomo at with "sub-scribe bro-devel" in the message body
(*except* remove the '-' from sub-scribe, which I only put in there because
otherwise *this* message will be auto-bounced by majordomo's overly protective

The main bro at list remains for discussing general Bro issues/problems/
questions, and for announcements of major ("stable") releases.

Also, there will soon be a Bro home page that will include the current
"To Do" list of projects, in case you want to tackle one.


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