regarding Back bone network

Mayank-Bhatnagar mayank at
Mon Apr 7 21:44:49 PDT 2003

hi all,

Well this doubt is certainly not specific to any IDS but I just wanted to
put it to our Bro community.

In IDS scenario, we say that the sensors and main IDS server when deployed
communicate with  each other. Now there is a special term known as
"backbone network" about which specialists say that the IDS does not rely
on the underlyting network, so that attackers cannot compromise upon the
messages transferred by IDS syatem.

What could be this back bone seems to be different from the
normal TCP/IP...or is it same and a different technique used .....

Can anyone throw some light on this topic?

Thanks and regards,

Mayank Bhatnagar
National Centre for Software Technology,
Bangalore, India.

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