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Bill McCarty bmccarty at
Sun Apr 13 19:53:52 PDT 2003

--On Sunday, April 13, 2003 10:16 PM -0400 Ashley Thomas 
<athomas at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am trying to build the bro--pub-0.8a20.

Hi Ashley,

A few hours earlier, I posted a similar message to this list <grin>.

I'm using Red Hat Linux 7.2. In response to advice I received, I manually 
changed the Makefile as follows:

# Delete reference to -lresolv
#LIBS = $(LIBEDIT_LIBS) -lresolv  -lpcap -lm
LIBS = $(LIBEDIT_LIBS) -lpcap -lm

# Add reference to /usr/lib/libresolv.a
OBJ =   main.o net_util.o util.o \
    parse.o scan.o re-parse.o re-scan.o rule-parse.o rule-scan.o \
    Active.o Anon.o Attr.o BackDoor.o BroString.o CCL.o CompHash.o Conn.o 
DFA.o \
    Debug.o DebugCmds.o DbgBreakpoint.o DbgWatch.o DbgHelp.o \
    Desc.o Dict.o Discard.o DNS.o DNS_Mgr.o EquivClass.o Event.o \
    Expr.o File.o Finger.o Frag.o Frame.o FTP.o Func.o Hash.o \
    HTTP.o ICMP.o ID.o Ident.o InterConn.o IntSet.o List.o Logger.o Login.o 
    MIME.o NFA.o NTP.o NVT.o Net.o NetbiosSSN.o NetVar.o Obj.o PktSrc.o \
    PolicyFile.o Portmap.o PriorityQueue.o Queue.o Reassem.o \
    Rlogin.o RE.o RPC.o Rule.o RuleMatcher.o RuleAction.o \
    RuleCondition.o Scope.o Sessions.o SMTP.o SSH.o \
    SteppingStone.o Stmt.o TCP.o TCP_Rewriter.o Telnet.o Timer.o Type.o \
    UDP.o Val.o Var.o XDR.o \
    cq.o md5.o setsignal.o version.o  nb_dns.o /usr/lib/libresolv.a

Worked great for me!


Bill McCarty, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Web & Information Technology
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Azusa Pacific University

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