A patch for Bro in OpenBSD

Sylvain de Tilly sylvain at detilly.net
Fri Aug 1 03:14:30 PDT 2003


No, I've try today with the new Bro version and I have still have

=> Same warning and libbind port doesn't work well.

I didn't change my OpenBSD version from last time (I can't do it

I'll try to make new patch but not before September.

(sorry for the long time without response.)


Vern Paxson <vern at icir.org> a dit:

>> I've got warning during execution too :
>> | ./bro: ./bro : WARNING: symbol(__p_class_syms) size mismatch relink your program
>> | ./bro: ./bro : WARNING: symbol(__p_type_syms) size mismatch relink your program
> Let me know if you still have this problem with the new 0.8a34 release.
> Did you get the BIND dependencies worked out for OpenBSD?
> 		Vern

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