Denial of Service on Bro via Scott Crosby and Dan Wallach's method...fixed in bro-pub-0.8a32?

Christopher Jay Manders Chris.Manders at UnixHelpDesk.COM
Mon Jul 14 06:04:32 PDT 2003


With all of the other files in the same base directory, I usually end up 
cleaning the *.h, *.cc, *.c *.y *.l ... source files into a new 
directory called (like ./src/) in order to see anything new as far as 
docs and files go. This might be a good thing to do by default, since it 
allows one to see the other things besides the source and seems a bit 
clearer organization. Just a suggestion for the future.

There are some good changes, I note. Thanks for pointing this out.



>>I am interested to do some further testing of this, but does the a32 
>>release have the fixes for the hashing issue inside?
> Yes, as indicated in the first item in CHANGES.
> 		Vern

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