Trouble compiling Bro release 0.8a48 on OpenBSD3.3

Mossad Kahn moskahn at
Sun Nov 9 10:15:46 PST 2003

Thanks - now I am able to compile but when I run Bro, it
dumps core.
bash-2.05b# ./bro -F -i fxp0 -s policy/sigs/ex.web-rules.sig -S mt
policy/scan.bro, line 61: internal error: can't find DNS entry for in cache
Abort trap (core dumped)

Is this due to the HAVE_NB_DNS being commented out? or is something
else missing?


>From: Vern Paxson <vern at>
>To: "Moss de Kahn" <moskahn at>
>CC: bro at
>Subject: Re: Trouble compiling Bro release 0.8a48 on OpenBSD3.3
>Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2003 23:05:22 -0800
> > I get the following errors when I try to compile Bro on
> > OpenBSD 3.3.
> >
> > ===============================================
> > gcc -I. -Ilibedit -O  -c nb_dns.c
> > nb_dns.c:81: `NS_MAXDNAME' undeclared here (not in a function)
>A work-around for this is to edit config.h and #undef HAVE_NB_DNS,
>and also remove nb_dns.o from the generated Makefile.  (I have the same
>problem building on Mac OS X; and also have to turn off HAVE_READLINE.)
>I haven't figured out how to get autoconf to do this automagically - if
>someone could contribute that, that would be great.
>		Vern

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