piping to a text file

Bryan Patterson bpatters at fit.edu
Thu Apr 1 08:13:08 PST 2004


> The binary file is in tcpdump format, so you can use tcpdump -r <file> to
> see the trace in text format (try flag -nX). 

Where does the '-nX' flag go? tcpdump or bro? Does it go in place of the
'-r' or appended to it?

> Also if you say 'bro ... -w
> -', the output trace will be dumped to stdout and you can pipe it with
> tcpdump as well.

>From the following line...
	>#bro -r <trace file> mt -w <output file>
How do I do what you are saying above so that I can read the data in a
text reader (vi,gedit,emacs...)?

I am running a bash shell on Fedora/Redhat. 
Sorry, I have only been "officially" running Linux for a few months.

> Does this answer your question? (I don't know what you meant by "as-is"
> though.)
When I said "as-is" I just meant that I didn't want bro to analyze the
data, just repeat it back.


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