Need help understanding serializer

Christian Kreibich christian at
Mon Apr 26 22:48:21 PDT 2004


On Mon, 2004-04-26 at 12:27, Christian Kreibich wrote:
> And vice versa. I'd leave it entirely up to the subsystems how to define
> the data layout. As long as I could use the various Read/Write methods
> of the Serializer I'd be happy .. The main hurdle I didn't manage in the
> current code was how to get from the Serializer noticing that data
> arrives to an arbitrary subsytem. 

I think I just thought of a reasonable way to do this ... would it make
sense to you to add one extra step in the hierarchy below Serializer,
say BroSerializer, and keep the toplevel Serializer class free of any
Bro-Bro specific stuff? And let the toplevel Serializer be a very
bare-bones interface that only lets you read/write primitives (ie the
various Read/Write methods)?

I think I could derive what's best for my needs from such a base class
(for example code to dispatch to subsystems etc), while you could keep
working on the inter-Bro stuff from your BroSerializer class that would
contain the various Serialize() methods, plus the GotXXX callbacks...
does that make any sense?


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