new bro "CURRENT" release - 0.8a81

Vern Paxson vern at
Mon Apr 26 23:32:55 PDT 2004

An updated "CURRENT" version of Bro is now available from the usual location:

This version has several minor-but-handy changes to the last "CURRENT"
version (0.8a79).



0.8a81 Mon Apr 26 22:46:37 PDT 2004

- A bunch of memory leaks fixed (Chema Gonzalez).

- A new HTTP analyzer variable, content_truncation_limit, controls
  how much of an HTTP request/reply contents element (i.e., what's
  passed to http_entity_data - this is *not* the entire content, but
  the next chunk's worth) is logged in the log file.  It defaults
  to 40 bytes.  Setting it to 0 means "log all of it".

- Fix to avoid crashing for malformed RPC requests.

- Improved OpenSSL auto-configuration (Robin Sommer).

- Fix for compiling without OpenSSL.

- A new built-in, double_to_count(), converts a value of type "double"
  to the corresponding "count" (Chema Gonzalez).  We should probably
  add floor(), ceil(), etc.

- Parameterization of trw.bro tweaked (Jaeyeon Jung).

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