[Bro] Off-line analysis

Vern Paxson vern at icir.org
Sun Dec 5 13:38:14 PST 2004

> When I try to off-line analysis with -r option, how can I use all Bro
> rules?

The notion of "all Bro rules" is not that well defined.  There are a large
number (100+) of policy files in policy/*.bro, some of which are incompatible
with others (for example, print-filter.bro prints the BPF filter being used
and then exits).

That said, here's what we use when to run against our internal test suite:

	@load site
	@load mt
	@load tftp
	@load dns
	@load flag-irc
	@load smtp-relay
	@load software
	@load ssh
	@load worm
	@load backdoor.bro
	@load blaster.bro
	@load flag-warez.bro
	@load gnutella.bro
	@load http-abstract.bro
	@load http-body.bro
	@load http-reply.bro
	@load icmp.bro
	@load ssl-worm.bro
	@load stepping.bro
	@load synflood.bro

This winds up loading a whole lot of the analysis.


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