[Bro] Segmentation fault at Off-line test

shonx001 shonx001 at umn.edu
Fri Dec 10 12:37:36 PST 2004

 Hi all,
 When I tried to test Bro in off-line with TCP dump file, I met
segmentation falut error.

 The tcpdump was captured using "Targa2.c" with all supported attacks.

 Also, I used the "my own.bro" in accordance with former mailing list
written by Vern about off-line test.

 What I used command is as follows:

 . /bro.cfg
 ./bro -r "dumpfile" "my own.bro"

 refer to "my own.bro"
         @load site
	@load mt
	@load tftp
	@load dns
	@load flag-irc
	@load smtp-relay
	@load software
	@load ssh
	@load worm
	@load backdoor.bro
	@load blaster.bro
	@load flag-warez.bro
	@load gnutella.bro
	@load http-abstract.bro
	@load http-body.bro
	@load http-reply.bro
	@load icmp.bro
	@load ssl-worm.bro
	@load stepping.bro
	@load synflood.bro



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