moving the Bro mailing list

Vern Paxson vern at
Wed Jul 21 11:08:51 PDT 2004

The Bro mailing list bro at, which is currently hosted at
bro at, is being moved to bro at  I've copied over
the subscriber list and you should have already (or soon) received an email
message from mailman-owner with your subscriber information.  The list
is "live" but I haven't yet switched bro at over to it yet.
I'll send a note when that happens.  In the interim, you can use
bro at directly (though in general, bro at is

A significant benefit of the new setup is Web-accessible archives.  These
are in place except for the past few days of traffic, which I'm looking
into getting copied over, too.

If you encounter any initial problems, let me know.


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