[Bro] On Modifying Bro tables in C++

José María González chema at cs.berkeley.edu
Fri Jul 30 17:29:20 PDT 2004


Thanks for the answer. Ruoming convinced me first (it's 
easier), but you answer my real doubt (why such a 
centralization of access). 


On Friday 30 July 2004 00:56, Robin Sommer wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 29, 2004 at 12:18 -0700, José María González wrote:
> > read in Val.h that  "Accessors for mutable values are called 
> > AsNonConst* and are protected to avoid external state 
> > changes."
> The reason for the accessors being protected is the new
> &synchronized keyword (and other related issues). For synchronizing
> values between remote instances of Bro, we need to track all
> accesses to the table which change its state in some way. The code
> of TableVal (and derived classes) takes care of this. If you modify
> the values content from the outside you have to do it yourself (grep
> for LogAccess to see how that works).
> So, I'd also suggest to use TableVal::Assign().
> Robin

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