new things with Bro

Vern Paxson vern at
Sun Jun 6 22:33:59 PDT 2004

There are now several new things regarding Bro:

	- We're moving Bro's FTP, email & Web presence over to,
	  per the addressing on this message and the URLs below.

	- The Bro STABLE release has been updated to release 0.8a85.
	  This release will continue to evolve, but mainly only in terms
	  of bug fixes (including portability tweaks).  Occasionally, when
	  a CURRENT version has proven sufficiently stable, it will become
	  the new STABLE version.

	- The Bro CURRENT release is starting now from 0.9a1.  Changes
	  between it & the previous release, 0.8a82, are appended.
	  The new STABLE release includes the subset of these changes
	  that are bug fixes, per the above.  See its CHANGES files
	  for details.

STABLE release:

CURRENT release:

- Vern



- 0.8a85 is the new STABLE release, to be updated only for bug (and
  portability) fixes.  0.9a1 is the new CURRENT release, which will have
  both bug fixes and new functionality.

- Support for FTP EPRT, EPSV (Holger Dreger).

- Change to timer management to recover memory more quickly (Robin Sommer).

- Tweaks to eliminate a number of compiler warnings (Robin Sommer).

- Statistics now report number of connections terminated due
  to inactivity (Robin Sommer).

- New Makefile target, pub-tar-no-doc builds a public tarball but
  without the (large) doc/ subdirectory.

- Bug fix for identd requests with illegal port numbers.

- The example of a scanning source to skip in scan.bro has been changed
  from an AltaVista robot (now obsolete) to a Google robot.

- Some previously fatal internal errors have now been turned into
  "internal warnings", which Bro is able to continue operating
  in their presence.

0.8a84 Wed May 26 23:33:39 PDT 2004

- autoconf tweaks for portability to Darwin (Christian Kreibich).

- Fixed subtle bug in chunked-IO reads (Christian Kreibich).

- Fixed bug for the "discarder" framework in which specifying an
  IP discarder would cause other TCP/UDP/ICMP discarders not being
  invoked (Christian Kreibich).

- Fatal bug in signature matching fixed (Robin Sommer).

- Missing member variable initialization fixed (Robin Sommer).  (Needed for
  compilation with new versions of gcc.)

- Makefile bug for "make install" fixed.

- Fixed bug that could lead to Bro crashing if an SMTP session
  had data sent after a RST.

- Removed some out-of-date SMTP analysis warning messages.

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