Syntax error in policy

Jose M Duart joduart at
Tue Mar 2 08:23:31 PST 2004

Hello all,

i'm trying to use Bro as a prelude sensor. There is a patch for Bro 8a20 and i
adapted the changes on the source to Bro8a70. Bro compiled fine but there is a
problem with when i try to execute it, fails with this syntax error:

# bro -i eth0 ./policy/prelude.bro
./policy/prelude.bro, line 50: error: syntax error, at or near "log_prelude"

The affected lines are:

47:  local msg = a ?$ sub ? fmt("msg: %s -- sub: %s", a$ msg, a$ sub) : a$ msg;
48:  local log_msg = fmt("alert: %s -- %s", msg, addl);

50:  log_prelude( ip_src, port_src, ip_dst, port_dst, proto, log_msg ) ;
51:  } # end of function

This policy file worked fine with versions 8a20 and 8a34. Any ideas?
If anyone is interested in the full modified source, i put it in

Thanks in advance
Jose M Duart

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