[Bro] tcp contents

john mcnicholas jomcn at mail.com
Tue Nov 30 04:21:05 PST 2004

> Is there some reason why you want to have both directions in a single

The initial reason was twofold: just to reduce the number of files and to be
compatible with a prototype that had been developed.  Clearly neither are
critical and if the 2 file approach is faster/efficient then that should be
enough to trump the single file approach given the importance of speed.

> Ah - I realized the key problem, which is that CONTENTS_BOTH is not in
> fact a valid parameter for set_contents_file.  The way that contents are
> extracted from streams, it simply can't work.  (The definition is lying
> around because it's used internal to the event engine in a slightly
> different context.)

I really don't want anyone spending more time on this but:

a. do you think I just didn't look hard enough at the data for a single file
(i.e., it wasn't working when I thought it was) 
b. the single file approach would work "most of the time" or all of the time
if a connection (such as HTTP_Conn or SMTP_Conn) added a contents processor
derived from TCP_ContentLine. i.e. it would work if the TCP_Connection's
BuildEndpoints() method did something functionally equivalent to:

orig->AddContentsProcessor( new TCP_ContentLine(orig,1,0,1));
resp->AddContentsProcessor( new TCP_ContentLine(resp,0,0,1));

Obviously "most of the time" isn't good enough but it would explain why a
cursory check of the output looked valid.  

Once again even if the single file did work, if the 2 file approach has a
measurable speed advantage we'll probably make the necessary changes to our
protocol handlers/applications.

Thanks again for your time and help.


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