[Bro] log_file variable in ftp.bro

Cliff zhangwei at comexgenesys.com
Thu Sep 23 18:53:46 PDT 2004

Hi Vern/Christian,
    Ya,It's Ok to modify the script as what you said.I see that this is the result from "scope" used in ftp.bro.
    However,I don't understand that  Why to import the concept of "scope" and "module" such as "module FTP" in ftp.bro and "module HTTP" in http.bro? What advantages has it?


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> > I think Vern meant to say "module FTP" and
> > 
> > redef FTP::log_file = open_log_file("comex");
> Yep, thanks!  Hazards of sending email before one's morning coffee ...
> Vern
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