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Fri Apr 8 14:14:38 PDT 2005

Hi Christian,
   Thank you for your suggestion. I will try this way and put my 
results on this
mailing list.


> it all depends on what kinds of events trigger updates to your
> statistical parameters, and whether those elementary events already
> exist or not. Generally a good way to find existing events is by looking
> at src/event.bif, which lists all events the core can trigger. If you
> find suitable building blocks in there, you can start with a new policy
> script that maintains state through the event handlers for event types
> you're interested in. If you cannot find anything suitable (which, at
> least for network-based events, is rather unlikely), you might have to
> extend the core to support new events to be handled by your policy
> scripts.
> In your case, the event types connection_attempt() and
> connection_rejected() sound ideal. In their respective handlers, you can
> maintain connection state in a number of tables to achieve what you
> want. When you notice that the rate limits you defined are exceeded, you
> can trigger an event "manually" using the event() statement, or just
> perform the corresponding action directly in the state-maintaining code.
> Have a look at scan.bro for an example of something that is similar what
> you want; also check out this thread in the archives:
>  http://mailman.icsi.berkeley.edu/pipermail/bro/2005-February/001774.html
> Hope this helps.
> Cheers,
> Christian.
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