[Bro] Small bug in TCP_Rewriter

Martin Casado casado at cs.stanford.edu
Fri Jul 15 14:01:50 PDT 2005


 This may already be fixed but I believe there is a bug in the TCP 
rewriter.  I'm using
bro 0.9a10.5.

 File TCP_Rewriter.cc, Line 710:

       ASSERT(next_packet->AppendData(data, left));
If the ASSERT preprocessor conditional isn't enabled, the statement 
isn't included in the
translation unit  and using -A for re-writing doesn't include any 
payload (only headers) :(

perhaps ..

         if(!next_packet->AppendData(data, left))
         {     ASSERT(0);  }

Plz. let me know if this isn't the appropriate forum for submitting bugs.


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