[Bro] "Resource temporarity unavailiable"

Mike Muratet mike.muratet at torchtechnologies.com
Fri Jul 15 15:20:15 PDT 2005


I am (still) trying to get a working connection between some code I wrote 
using broccoli calls and bro. (The code is part of a larger project that 
uses bro for an interface because bro keeps track of state. and generates 
events for connections.)  I thought I was making some headway with 
understanding the event loop in bro and the reception in broccoli. I added a 
print statement in the broccoli method __bro_sobject_data_get to try to 
understand why I couldn't read the payload correctly and recompiled 
broccoli. Now all communication has ceased and the bro debug.log shows 
"Resource temporarily unavailable" which must be a system error because 
there is no such string in bro or broccoli. This harkens back to a problem I 
had when I first tried to use 'broping'.

Can anyone offer me some pointers on how to track down what's causing the 
error? There's nothing in the system logs and I can't find any clues via 
google. I'm running RedHat 9 with kernel 2.4.20-6. bro and broccoli are 
running on the same system which is inside a firewall, so it only sees some 
local intranet traffic and the ssh, ftp, etc. connections I use to test from 
another Linux system inside the firewall. I am reaching the point where I 
will have to start the project over with some interface if I can't get this 
to work. Any help will be appreciated.



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