[Bro] SSL for FreeBSD/bro

Christian Kreibich christian at whoop.org
Tue Jul 26 12:27:52 PDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-07-26 at 13:59 -0500, Mike Muratet wrote:
> I have some good news, and some more good news. I checked the output from 

Ooooh ...

> ldd broconn and it wanted libssl.so.4 and I have ver 3 on the FreeBSD 
> system. I think what happened was that I left off the necessary flag when I 
> untar'd your broccoli snapshot into my existing directory and so I still had 
> the version that I copied over from the Linux box. I deleted the broccoli 
> directory on the FreeBSD machine, untar'd your snapshot and rebuilt 
> broccoli. It executes just fine. More importantly, it now communicates with 
> its bro peer. Outstanding.

YAY! Excellent news. Kudos for fighting hard! :)

Beware of the cache issue I pointed out the other day. Robin says he's
already got a patch in the queue for it.

> Having killed all the alligators I can now proceed to drain the swamp. 
> Thanks for all your (and Scott and others) patient help. All I can figure is 
> that the extra layer in Linux that gives you things like iptables fouls up 
> the communication between bro and broccoli. I have not tried broccoli on a 
> Linux box to the bro on the FreeBSD box, but it's really not a requirement 
> for the experiments I'm doing.

Interesting. If you find out more, we'll definitely be keen to hear the

> I don't get out to the Bay area much anymore, but if and when I do the first 
> round is on me.

Sounds like a plan. ;)


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