[Bro] Penguins think broccoli is OK

Mike Muratet mike.muratet at torchtechnologies.com
Wed Jul 27 06:43:56 PDT 2005


>> I just ran your latest broccoli snapshot from a Linux box connecting to 
>> the
>> bro peer on the FreeBSD box and got it to handshake. Cool. It must have 
>> been
>> the Linux all along. bro works right out of the box on FreeBSD. I'll keep 
>> an
>> eye on the cache issue.
> Glad to hear! :)
> So do I get this right: as soon as you moved Bro to a BSD host, things
> started to work? That's great but I'm puzzled as to why that would be
> the case ...

Yes. You'd think that at that level the operating systems should meet the 
same requirements, but they don't. If I had the resources, I'd try to figure 
out why, but I'm behind as it is.


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