[Bro] broccoli tests

Christian Kreibich christian at whoop.org
Fri Jun 3 14:32:54 PDT 2005

Hi Mike,

On Fri, 2005-06-03 at 11:51 -0500, Mike Muratet wrote:
> Howdy
> I have added 'broping.bro' to local.site.bro in $BROHOME/etc. I tried 
> running the broping in the broccoli test directory on and get 
> a 'Could not handshake'.

You mean "Could not complete handshake successfully"? Don't pass it, but rather "broping -p <port> host", so typically just
"broping localhost" or even just "broping". and 47758 are the
default IP/port settings.

> The comm.log shows that bro is listening on 
> which are apparently the defaults between  listen-clear.bro 
> and broping.bro. My bro is listening on eth0 which has an internal IP from 
> the DNS/firewall. I can see entries in the comm.log for that IP and port 
> 32831. I am running broping on the same machine as bro. broping reports 
> 'Could not connect' on Can anybody suggest any places to look for 
> problems? I'm at a loss to proceed.

mhmm okay what versions of Bro and Broccoli are you using? It might be
that since I'm typically using the latest CVS code for Bro, Broccoli
actually doesn't work correctly with the latest Bro release.

If you've built Broccoli with --enable-debug, can you send me the output
of your broping invocation with a "-d -d" for debugging messages + call
stack tracing?

I just noticed there may be issues with connections that *don't* require
synchronized access because all my latest experiments required this
feature. Anyone up for writing regression tests for Broccoli? :)


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