[Bro] broccoli tests

Mike Muratet mike.muratet at torchtechnologies.com
Thu Jun 9 12:11:56 PDT 2005


As I said in my last post, I had tried all the combinations of broping, 
broping-record and broping, broping -r. I see in the broping.bro and 
broping-record.bro scripts that printing 'Received ping...' is part of the 
pong event.

But, the problem seems to have fixed itself and now broping and broping -r 
work with broping.bro. This bothers me, because outside of a stray gamma 
ray, computers are deterministic devices and  I have done nothing except 
start and stop bro. The only thing that I can see that changed from trial to 
trial is the port on which broping attempts to connect to bro.

I have looked at the OpenSSL code in broccoli but I don't see how/where the 
port gets assigned or why it should be different everytime. Any ideas?

However, I at least have the ability to connect and I can now get back to my 
original problem.



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