[Bro] Bro ids

Christian Kreibich christian at whoop.org
Mon Jun 13 15:28:24 PDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-06-13 at 18:26 -0300, Angelita de Cássia Corrêa wrote:
> Hi!
> When the Bro Tutorials will be able in the site (www.bro-ids.org)?
> Anyone have some idea?

I think that tutorials link should probably just be removed. Is there
anything in particular that the manuals don't help you with?

> Another question, is there any console to use with Bro ids? Some
> software ou console to use with apache, for example?

We have a prototypical GUI interface that isn't quite ready for public
use yet. Unfortunately we currently lack the time to work on it. I could
send you an unsupported snapshot if you're keen to experiment with it.
For more details, see



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