[Bro] tcpdump -w

Holger Dreger hdreger at net.in.tum.de
Wed Jun 15 12:46:00 PDT 2005

On 15.06.2005 at 16:39  Angelita de Cássia Corrêa wrote:
> I used those commands:
> BROHOME=/usr/local/bro
> BROPATH=/usr/local/bro/policy:/usr/local/bro/site
> When I tried this command: "bro -r /home/xxxx/tcpdump.teste scan" , I 
> received this message:
> line 1: error: can't open bro.init

This error usually indicates that the $BROPATH variable does not point 
to the policy directory (where, among others, the file bro.init is 

Hope this helps,

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