[Bro] tcpdump -w

Holger Dreger hdreger at net.in.tum.de
Thu Jun 16 07:27:21 PDT 2005


On 15.06.2005 at 16:39 Angelita de Cássia Corrêa wrote:

> I used those commands:
> BROHOME=/usr/local/bro
> BROPATH=/usr/local/bro/policy:/usr/local/bro/site

sorry, I overlooked one detail: You have to export the BROPATH variable 
in order to make bro work. You only set the variable for the shell 
itself, not for its executed commands.

So in sh or bash use:
export BROHOME=/usr/local/bro
export BROPATH=/usr/local/bro/policy:/usr/local/bro/site


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