[Bro] Empty reports!!

Brian Tierney BLTierney at lbl.gov
Mon Jun 27 14:21:04 PDT 2005

The report generation component of Bro is very much still in the "pre- 
alpha" stages, and the student
who was working on this is now working on another project.

I'll try to answer a couple of your questions:

1) scan reporting is off by default, the reports were too long with  
all the scans included
      (Im not sure how to turn them on)
2) by default, the report scripts look for "yesterdays" data, so you  
have to collect 1 days data,
then run the report
3) there should be nothing in the /usr/local/bro/archive directory  
unless you are running
the cron script: bro_log_compress.sh

You'll likely need to modify the report generation scripts by hand to  
get them to generate
exactly what you want.

Hope this helps.

On Jun 21, 2005, at 11:29 AM, Angelita de Cássia Corrêa wrote:

> Administrators,
> I have bro version bro-0.9a9  running.  I see files in  /usr/local/ 
> bro/logs correctly, but the reports are empty.
> The other problem is the /usr/local/bro/archive direttory is empty  
> too.
> What can I do to generate the correctly reports?
> I tested with one and two interfaces (etho and eth1), I'm using Red  
> Hat Enterprise ES 3.
> I saw the traffice using tcpdump.
> Thanks!
> Angelita

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