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About the first problem, could you give us the OS you use ?
And then the second part, did you download the package from
http://www.bro-ids.org or ftp.ee.lbl.gov ?
It's currently bro-0.9a8.tar.gz the latest version i think, i just got it a
few minutes ago (in order to check) from the ftp site and all the process
went smoothly.

Best regards.

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I've been having some trouble install bro on my machine.
First I tried to install the Stable 0.8 Release. After ./configure, I
tried to make it. But in /bro-pub-0.8a88/libedit/history.c there was a
compilation error with variable VIS_WHITE. It appears this variable
appears only once I haven't been able to locate the source of this
variable. Neither can the make file.

Then I tried to install the current 0.9 Development Release. The first
problem I encountered was when untarring the downloaded file from the
bro side, there was an check sum error. That's never a promising sign.
Then when configuring, my installation of libpcap is unable to be
found. I have already installed it in the
~/bro-0.9a8/aux/libpcap-0.7.2 directory.
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