[Bro] Compiling error on Ubuntu Linux

Vidar Evenrud Seeberg vseeberg at netcom.no
Thu Nov 3 13:10:15 PST 2005


Bro seems like a splendid IDS (after reading Paxson's '99 paper and
Sommers '03 paper, READMEs etc.). Now I am trying to install it .
However, when trying to compile Bro 1.0 and also (0.9a11) on my Ubuntu
Breezy Linux box I get the error message

"checking size of long long... configure: error: cannot compute sizeof
(long long), 77 "

This happens both when i run ./configure and ./configure --disable-localpcap
I am going to do some work using Bro in my Master's Thesis so I hope I
can make it work.

Best regards
Vidar E. Seeberg,
MSc student Information Security
Gjøvik University College, Norway

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