[Bro] Bro as a fancy pcap filter

Ruoming Pang (庞若鸣) rpang at cs.princeton.edu
Mon Nov 21 18:15:20 PST 2005

> I just bumped into a situation where I wanted to tell Bro to record
> packets to an output pcap file, but do so only under certain
> circumstances. In my case this essentially boiled down to "only the
> first packet in a 5-tuple TCP/UDP flow that carries app-layer data", 
> but
> let's imagine any decision that depends on policy- or in-core state.
> I got it to work by hacking around in the core, but it wasn't pretty.
> Does Bro have a mechanism for doing this nicely? In the rewriter
> framework, maybe (is that documented anywhere btw)? Thanks!

Yes, there's some primitive mechanism to do that. Sorry, it's 
undocumented, but let me give it a try here:

# Set the flag to true to enable "TCP source packet writer" (sorry, no 
# All packets will be kept until they are dumping or end of connection. 
So please be very careful in using it for live traffic.
redef dump_selected_source_packets = T;

event tcp_packet(c: connection, ...)
         if ( <this is the first packet of the connection carrying some 
data> )
                 dump_packets_of_connection(c); # dump all packets up to 
this point for connection c.

And you can imagine calling dump_packets_of_connection() in all kinds 
of other events.

Currently there's no built-in function to discard packets that we do 
not want to dump (so there's no way to dump the exact 10th packet of a 
connection), but the code is already there (see class 
TCP_SourcePacketWriter), so it's fairly simple to implement.


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