[Bro] wrong size computation

Ruoming Pang (庞若鸣) rpang at cs.princeton.edu
Mon Nov 28 12:11:54 PST 2005

> As regards the way bro deals with the number of bytes transferred for
> each connection, it seems that bro DOES NOT keep a variable in which
> incrementally stores the sum of each packet size for all the packets
> involved in that very connection, but instead does a certain 
> computation
>  (i wonder how...) involving only the first and the last packet in the
> connection... Am I correct?

Yes, for TCP connections Bro computes connection sizes based on TCP 
sequence numbers.

> I'm asking this question because I've found something very strange.
> In bro's conn.log file there are lines like this:
> Dec  1 00:22:53 1.058870 A B http 49331 80 tcp 886477697 ? RSTOS0 L
> (yes it's correct, 800MB in 1 second) but if I look at the trace, this
> is what I see:
>      A              B
>    49331  -->    80 (SYN)        Seq=0,Ack=0
>    49331  <--    80 (ACK)        Seq=0,Ack=0
>    49331  -->    80 (RST)        Seq=0,Ack=188164531
> (Only 3 packets transferred...)
> Of course there's some bug in these hosts, but bro should not be
> misleaded in computing the amount of bytes transferred inside a
> connection. Could someone explain me what's happening here?

This is weird. Could you please send me the trace file?

I think there are two separate issues here:

1. How Bro comes up with the 800MB number and whether the ack sequence 
in the RST packet should be taken into computation. We need to look at 
the trace to find out.

2. In general, Bro connection sizes can be incorrect in weird cases, 
and if you want accurate numbers in your measurements, my suggestions 
(and what we did in our measurements) are: (a) if you have all packets 
in your traces, there's a Bro script (Vern?) to sample packets very 
efficiently to estimate connection size, even in the case the sequence 
numbers wrap around a number of times, which then can be used to 
validate the connection size; (b) if all you have are SYN, FIN, and RST 
packets, you can make some assumption about the bandwidth of the link 
to check if the connection size makes sense.


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