[Bro] 1)Bro binary 2)Bro position in IDSs models

nuno romano nuno_romano at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 12 17:01:21 PDT 2005


I got a bro binary of the 0.9 version,approximately 
22 Megabytes.I compiled in Debian3.1,PowerPC,with a
straightforward ./configure  make.All seemed normal
during the compilation.At first sight it seems a
binary.So,do I have a statically linked binary,with
overweight of the statically linked libraries?


In a paper(2003) called "The Intelligent IDS:The 
Next Generation of Intrusion Detection Management
Revealed" Andre Yee of NFR Security Inc. positioned
the ISS and NFR IDSs high,in both detection models:
Protocol Anomaly Detection and Pattern Matching
(a logical assumption in its position.).How do
the Bro IDS position in these models?For Bro
users who have a general knowledge about ISS and

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