[Bro] Newbie policy question

Chris Alexander chris at moose.ca
Wed Apr 26 09:05:23 PDT 2006

Thank you both very much!

I had a feeling there was something I wasn't seeing in the forest for all 
the trees in my way. I've got something that works now.

For the other newbies that may stumble across this thread in the archives 
this generates useful (??) output to the log files with Bro v1.0:

#----------------- Start test code (example.bro)

@load bro.init
@load brolite
@load conn

# Modify these values for your site
const web_servers = { moose.ca, internel.moose.ca, };
const mail_servers = { mail.moose.ca, mailgate.moose.ca, };

redef allow_services_to: set[addr, port] += {
     [mail_servers, smtp],
     [web_servers, http],

event connection_established(c: connection)
     local id = c$id;
     local service = id$resp_p;
     local inbound = is_local_addr(id$resp_h);

     if ( service !in allow_services ) {
         NOTICE([$note=SensitiveConnection, $conn=c,
                 $msg=fmt("hot: %s", full_id_string(c))]);

#---------------- EOF

To generate "offline" data to play with do something like:

  # tcpdump -i bge0 -w ~chris/traces/smtp.trace -c 100000000 port smtp &

Then to run the script against this captured trace file once it has 
captured all the data:

  # bro -r ~chris/traces/smtp.trace ./site/example.bro

Hope this helps someone in the future. Maybe quick start guide or user man 
could be updated with something more fleshed out along these lines for the 
next revision? Just an idea. I'd be happy to provide text if required.

Onward ho, time to stumble in the fog now that the sun has risen.

Thanks again.


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