[Bro] bro_log_file and log_hook

Chris Alexander chris at moose.ca
Fri Apr 28 06:57:36 PDT 2006

In trying to turn off stderr spraying to the screen I found something that 
doesn't seem to provide enough info - or maybe I'm having a senior moment?

I stumbled across this and couldn't figure out how to implement log_hook 
in my policy file:


Trying to find more info I notice it is referring to "bro_log_file" but 
this is not a reference I can find in the html online docs or in the 
online PDF.

Searching bro-ids.org with google finds one other mention:


but does not help me understand the logging much better.

Is there a missing link to a "bro_log_file" reference on the site? 
Grep'ing in the policy dir didn't find any examples of "log_hook" to copy.



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