[Bro] can't get the http analyzer to print anything

Chandrashekar, Jaideep jaideep.chandrashekar at intel.com
Thu Aug 3 10:45:52 PDT 2006


  This was resolved (the omission was on my part) by using full packet
traces, rather than packet fragments.
So, http-reply on works on traces collected with the -s 0 option in



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>  % bro -r trace_incl-http.pcap http

Confusingly, you need to use 

	% bro -r trace_incl-http.pcap http-request

to see requests or

	% bro -r trace_incl-http.pcap http-reply

to see requests & replies.

You're not the first person to find this confusing, so I think for 1.2
should change the scripts around so just using http pulls in full


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